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The Original Houses

Three houses used to occupy this site and three houses have been moved off to be re-used, re-cycled and re-loved. 

51 Taipari was moved to a site in River-head where it was renovated by first time home buyers. 

49 Taipari was moved to a neighbouring site and renovated by A&A Fotheringhame Builders. 

47 Taipari was moved off site by Easy Moves and is currently waiting in their yard for their ideal owner to find. 


47 Taipari House, now 43a Taipari House

This house was craned over to a neighbouring site and completely renovated by A&A Fotheringhame Builders. The original character of the house was celebrated and enhanced, like the wooden floorboards, original cladding and wooden joinery. Extra installation, air ducting system, thermally backed linen curtains, heated floor tiles and heated rails were all added to keep the original house cosy in winter. The house was up-graded with a new designer kitchen, new bathroom and floor-plan change  which helped the flow of the house. 

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