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Stage 2

This stage is currently under construction with completion scheduled for July 2024.

The first block '2a' is a group of 3 x 4 bedroom townhouses. These are closet to Taipari road, directly on the park and are sheltered behind established trees. They all have internal garaging and an extra park as they are the larger sections in the development. 

The second block '2b' is a pair of elevated 3 bedroom townhouse which look out towards the park and Te Wai o Pareira.

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 9.03_edited.jpg

2a - 3 x 4 bedroom townhouses

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 6.48.31 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 6.48.43 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 9.34_edited.jpg

2b - 2 x 3 bedroom townhouses

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